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Helena Stardust

Children's animation series
20 x 11 min
Language: Spanish - English
Target: Pree-teens

Helena Stardust is a pree-teen girl, heiress to a curious legacy: She can connect
with the stars to fulfill her wishes. But her orders do not always turn out the way
she expects, since sometimes what she wants is not the same as what she really
In each episode Helena will face a challenge that will encourage her to transform her own fears and pre-concepts of the world. After asking her wishes with all of her heart a star will fall in her garden and she will find inside the most stranger
characters and the most crazy elements that will be her magical guides in the
adventure of growing up.

Helena Stardust-1_edited.jpg
helena y el zorro.jpg
ilustracion monstruito y nena.png mas gr
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