“Theater, art, literature, have that capacity to help us find inner resonances. The possibility of telling yourself your own story, at the right moment you are living it, transforms a normal event into an extraordinary fact. Ordinary becomes special and life apparently normal becomes heroic.” 


Daniele Finzi Pasca


Emiliano Sette & Alejandro Dajil,

mr. bug executive directors. 

The mr. bug spirit

Founded to tell stories and express emotions, mr. bug was born as a way of living for us. A way to transform our life into an extraordinary journey. 

We are writers, directors and producers and we have been very lucky to meet each other in 2010 as we were writers for an animated production, “El Payaso Plim Plim, Un héroe del corazón”, cast on Disney Junior Channel, Discovery Family, Netflix,  awarded with Martín Fierro award in 2013 and Cynopsis Kids !magination, honor mentioned in 2015. 


Later on our working paths diverged and kept working separately in different productions for tv, such us Junior Express (Disney Junior) and Los cocineros de Villa Papilla and also productions for cinema like the short film Anacronte which was selected in 300 festivals and has winning more than 100.

However, our friendship continued growing and finally we decided to do something about it: Create mr. bug studio. 


Welcome aboard!​

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